1. Leave Me Alone

From the recording Happenstance

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Leave Me Alone

I feel like I have to share my mind
Tomorrow who knows what you will find
Listen to me

You are constantly banging on my door
Ignoring the rich but not the poor
Leave me alone

Why do you kick me all the time
Trying to take what once was mine
Leave me alone

My whole life is just 10 feet away
Nothing more that I need
I don’t want to read the signs that they parade
Leave me here in my dream
In my dream

Think less of the means and more the ends
Stop sharing it all with your posh friends
Leave me alone

I just have enough to pay my dues
There is nothing more that I can lose
Leave me alone

I am content with what I own
I’m staying here in my timezone
Leave me alone

My guiding light is getting dimmer every day
I don’t see much anyway
I couldn’t care less what the world has to say
All I need is right here
Is right here

How far are you willing now to go
Whilst all of my ducks are in a row
Leave me alone

I know the man that is down will fear no fall
You can’t take away from nothing at all
Leave me alone

Copyright Chris Owen 2019